A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Gaming PC

A lot of people are getting into gaming these days. And this is very understandable, with the huge leaps that gaming and the technology behind it are experiencing. Now, games have expanded from consoles, gaming computers and gaming laptops to dependable platforms in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Also, the online gaming community has rapidly grown in size, influence, and depth to become a real draw for new and hard-core gamers alike. This means that people are now factoring in the apps and games that a device will support when making a purchasing decision for a new gadget. More people are buying gaming computers and laptops that will allow them to enjoy the newest and best games.

A Beginners Guide to Buying a Gaming PC

First Research

You can start the search on the web and visit the many tech-related websites and forums out there. With the many reviews and lists that these tech institutions have, you will find no shortage of advice when it comes to the latest greatest gaming machines. From laptops, desktops to smartphones, there is tons of expert opinion about what is the best in terms of power, value and title offerings. Know which things will decide what is best for you.

What to look when buying a gaming PC.

Gaming PCs are designed with target users in mind. The different elements to consider while buying a Gaming PC are battery life, processor speed, graphics, the weight of laptop and cost. Gaming PCs come installed with the fastest processors, cutting-edge graphics cards.


A strong battery pack, huge heat sink, special ventilation ducts, and several cooling fans and can give the same performance as that of high-end tower PCs. These pc provide thrilling 3D gaming experience and mobility to gamers, be it LAN game parties or while traveling.


ATI and NVIDIA have mobile versions of their fast cutting edge graphics cards, complete with 128MB or even 256MB of video memory. Try looking for a PC with ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 graphics processor. They are currently the hottest in the market!


Another criterion to select a laptop is the processor. If the weight of up to 13 pounds is not an issue, then you could consider Intel’s 3.8-GHz Pentium 4 or the Athlon 64 FX CPU processors. For lower weight PC go with the fastest available in the category: Intel Core Duo or AMD Turion 64 CPU.

Hard disk capacity

Apart from selecting a laptop with a hard disk capacity of over 80 GB, consider the speed of the hard disk. Conventional 5,400-rpm drives work fine for most desktop and entertainment PCs, but you would need a 7,200-rpm hard drive to play 3D games without jitters, pauses and long loading game time.

Screen size

The minimum screen size of your screen should be at least 15.4 inches. Anything less and you will limit the visual graphics detail of your games, as well as your shooting accuracy. Gaming PCs are now available in different hot designs. Manufacturer Alienware has its famous glowing Alien head, and other vendors like Falcon Northwest, Hypersonic, and VoodooPC offer some of the best screens for gaming purposes.

If you want to find the best among the many gaming computers on the market, you do not need to have the knowledge of a computer whiz. Since gaming machines have become mainstream, there is a lot more information about them online.

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