Data Recovery

Various forms of Data Recovery

Data recovery is the technique of recovering data lost accidentally from various devices such as laptops, desktops, mobiles, hard drives etc. Data loss can be very despairing at times when it comes personal data as there might be a data which we have been keeping safe for years and might have just gone away with a single click. If we talk about businesses, data loss can be a huge hurdle as it might even lead to a halt on the work due to the data loss. Data recovery is important for businesses as the data can also include the data of the customers or other businesses they are dealing with

There can be various reasons behind data loss but the most common ones are due to the human errors committed i.e. by sending the data to a wrong or unidentified person. Other reasons include natural calamities, power outages, damage to the device, accidental deletion of data, physical damage to the devices, software corruption etc

Mostly the data lost can be recovered through various techniques through a file which is remotely saved in a location while the actual files to be recovered remains undamaged in the original location. There are several types of data recovery systems that can be used by organization depending upon their requirements.

Bare Metal Recovery

It is a method in which all the data including the operating system is backed up and we are not required to start from scratch by re-installing the Operating System. It saves time for the users by automatically installing the operating system along with the files backed up.

Online Data Recovery

In this technique, the data is backed up online on a regular basis. It is useful for data which is fluctuating on daily basis. The data is backed up manually by the user or then schedule it on a regular basis in order to ensure data safety. It is a feasible option and also saves time for businesses. It is mostly used for preserving the data of the users or the clients of the businesses as they are updated regularly.

Continuous Data Protection

CDP is the process in which the data is backed up on regular basis on both off-site and on-site storage. If the user loses the data on site then it can be recovered through offsite storage backup and if it is lost from offsite storage then it can be recovered from on-site local area network backup. It is the most preferred method these days as the user gets a dual option for backing up the data which ensures double safety.

The choice of data recovery methods totally depends upon the users need and should be chosen in advance as a precaution in case of data loss.

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